Southmet Bogie Car (Tooting/Croydon)

Southmet Bogie Car (Tooting/Croydon)

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Partial / Incomplete Date July 1924
Copyright 1 Pamlin Prints, Croydon
Picture Reference Mit_​Transport_​24-3
Original Format Photo
Notes / History This is a picture of Southmet Bogie Car No.29 on the Tooting - Croydon Route 6 in July 1924.

Note that the tram has a driving control at both ends so there was no need to turn the tram round, just change the driver to the other end. Trams often had reversible backs that pivoted round and enabled passengers to always face the direction of travel.

Notice the wooden boards at the front and rear of the tram - these were to prevent cyclists and pedestrians from becoming trapped below the vehicle.

Power to the tram was by overhead lines and the tracks were solely for guidance.

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