A Celebration of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II sadly died on 8 September 2022, bringing to an end the longest reign of any British monarch.  In June this year Merton residents were celebrating Her Majesty's historic Platinum Jubilee - to mark this occasion, Merton Heritage Service compiled a set of resources combining online displays, archive film, research material and puzzles, celebrating the life of Elizabeth II and her links to our borough. 

This material now serves as a small tribute to our sovereign and her 70 years of service to the nation. We hope you enjoy looking at this material and cherish the memory of our beloved Queen.


Online Displays:

Click on the links below to view a range of display about Merton's links to Her Majesty the Queen and Royal celebrations.



Tamworth Recreation Ground


Queen presents Wimbledon trophy 1977 Queen visits Haig Housing, Morden


Death of a King

Coronation Celebrations: Mitcham

Coronation: Merton & Morden

Coronation: Wimbledon




The Silver Jubilee

The Golden Jubilee

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.




The Royal Warrant

Royal Warrant Holders

Haig Housing Trust




Digital Resources

Click on the links below to access digitised resources from the Merton Heritage Collection.

Coronation souvenir (Merton & Morden UDC)

Borough of Mitcham Coronation Souvenir

Savings Certificate 1953

Reception (King's Hall, 1953)

Celebrations for Schoolchildren (Merton, 1952)



Merton Coronation souvenir


Coronation Sports (Merton)

Coronation Celebrations (Ministry of Housing & Local Govt. '52)

United Open Air Service '53

Merton Coronation Carnival '53

Selection of Coronation Queen




Words & Pictures:

Click on the links below to access a range of archive film, music and poetry.


Coronation 1953


Silver Jubilee Party, Mitcham Platinum Jubilee


Funeral of King George VI 1952

Long Live the Queen

"Elizabeth is Queen" extract

The Coronation

Queen Meets Wimbledon Players '52

First Christmas Broadcast 1957

Queen at Wimbledon 1962



Silver Jubilee 1977

Silver Jubilee Celebrations

Silver Jubilee Street Party, London

Golden Jubilee Appearances

Queen of Merton Trailer

Diamond Jubilee Highlights

Queen visits Mitcham 2012


90 Years of R G Jones (Royal trader)

Queen's Visit to Morden, 2019

Queen Visits Haig Homes, Morden

Children's Platinum Jubilee Song

The Queen's Soliloquy

The Platinum Jubilee Explained

Platinum Jubilee Tribute



Useful Websites

Click on the links below to access a range of websites about the life and reign of Her Majesty the Queen.


King George VI and Princess Elizabeth


Queen and Commonwealth Golden Jubilee at Buckingham Palace


On This Day: Death of George VI

Find Out: Elizabeth II

The Coronation (Royal collection)

Coronation of Elizabeth II (BBC)

Coronation (Google Arts & Culture )

First Christmas Speech



About Her Majesty

The Queen's Role

Elizabeth II (History Channel)

Queen Elizabeth: Key Moments

70 Facts for 70 Years

The Queen: 8 Surprising Facts



Platinum Jubilee (Royal Household)

Royal Jubilees (Tower of London)

Silver Jubilee Facts for Kids

On This Day: Silver Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Facts

Platinum Jubilee (School resources)



Reminiscence Materials

Click on the links below to see a selection of material designed to trigger memories and discussion about the Queen and her reign.


Jubilee Reminiscence Material

The Coronation Doll

Reading Friends: Coronation

Reminiscences of the Coronation

Merton Memories of Her Majesty: Heather Newman

Merton Memories of Her Majesty: Sue Ellis

Merton Memories of Her Majesty: Kelly Jones

Merton Memories of Her Majesty: Sarah Gould



Coronation Doll, 1953



Test Your Knowledge

How much do you know about the Queen and her Merton links? Click on the links to access our Jubilee brainteasers.


HM Queen in the State Coach 2002


Coronation Ox Roast, Wimbledon 1953 Royal Family on palace balcony


Jubilee Word Search

Jubilee Word Search Answers

Royal Word Search for Children

British Royal Family Word Search



Merton Jubilee Quiz

Merton Jubilee Quiz Answers

Platinum Jubilee Quiz (BBC)



Jubilee Quiz & Answers (RBL)

Royal Family Pub Quiz & Answers

British Royal Quiz (English Heritage)




Heritage Trails

Follow the links below to view a range of trails and self-guided walks around Royal London.


Jubilee walkway marker


Jubilee Gardens, London Buckingham Palace


The Jubilee Walkway, London

The Queen's Walk



The Jubilee Gardens, London

Coronation Tour

Self Guided London Walk

Royal London

Self Guided Royal London Tour



Can you add to the Merton Heritage collection?

Merton Heritage Service is keen to expand its collections regarding our beloved Queen and her links to Merton.

If you have stories, photographs or memorabilia that you would like to donate / allow us to copy or display, we would love to hear from you.

Please contact:

Merton Heritage Centre        Tel. 020 8545 3239    or email: local.studies@merton.gov.uk


Related material:

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