South Asian Heritage Month

South Asian Heritage Month

18 July to 17 August is South Asian Heritage Month. Launched last year, this aims to raise the profile of British South Asian heritage and history in the UK through education, arts and commemoration, promoting understanding and cultural sharing. 

As part of the celebration, Merton Heritage Service has compiled a new set of history resources. This includes online displays, film, useful websites, recipes, puzzles, crafts, research information and links to local organisations. We hope you find the webpage of interest. We will be adding more resources during the course of the month.

Online Displays:

South Asian people

Merton & South Asia: Notable People


South London Gurdwara

Local Places of Worship


Sophia Duleep Singh

Sophia Duleep Singh


Words and Pictures:

Click on the links below to access films, poetry readings, animations and interviews about South Asian heritage.

South Asians on Film

Intro:South Asian Heritage Month

South Asian Britain on Film (BFI)

Indians Abroad (BBC World Service)

Britain and South Asia

Sharing Forgotten Histories

On the Duleep Singh Trail 


Chariot Festival, Wimbledon

South Asia (Media Player)

South Asia Blog (National Archives)

Inside Britain's Largest Mosque

Chariot Festival, Wimbledon 2019

The Gurkhas

The Unsung Heroes of World War II


Jamdani tradition

I Have a Question?

Lines of History (Sheena Hussain)

British South Asian Theatre

The British Asian Sound

British South Asians in Football

The Tradition of Jamdani



Useful Websites:

Click on the links below to access websites about South Asian history, people, places and educational resources.

Ugandan Asians

What is South Asian Heritage Month?

South Asian Heritage Month

Making Britain (Open University)

UK Punjab Heritage Association


Royal Indian Navy

Arriving in the UK 

Switching the Lens

South Asian Seamen at War

South Asians Making Britain


Asian youth movements

Striking Women (1947+)

South Asian Women in the UK

Inspiring British South Asian Women

Asian Youth Movements in the UK


Spice trail

The Spice Trail

The Taste of Home

British South Asian Artists


Influential South Asian Women

Influential Asian Women

South Asian Doctors and the NHS

South Asian Writers


Baitul Futuh mosque, Morden

Everyday Muslim (Heritage Trails)

Baitul Futuh Mosque

The Duleep Singh Trail



Local Organisations:

The following are just some of the local organisations offering support services, raising awareness of Asian history and promoting cultural exchange.

Goan Voice and Goan Senior Citizens

Ethnic Minority Centre (Merton)

Merton Asian Women's Association

Merton Goan Senior Citizens Club

South London Tamil Welfare Group

Sri Lankan Ladies Lunch Club


Shree Ganapathy Temple

Ahmadiyya Association UK

Morden Islamic Cultural Association

Shree Ganapathy Temple

Sikh Gurdwara South London

Wimbledon Mosque


Gurkha Brigade Association

Asian Elderly Group of Merton

Afghan Association (Paiwand)

Bengali Association of Merton

Gurkha Brigade Association

Tara Arts Theatre



Research Guides:

Click on the links below to access archives, organisations or tips to assist with researching South Asian heritage.

Asian dna

Tracing Your Asian Roots in Britain 

Asian Roots : Indian Subcontinent

South Asian Ancestry

Department of Asia (British Museum)

Asia collection V & A

India Genealogy

South Asians (British Library)

South Asia Open Archives

Asia Collections (V & A)

South Asia at British Library

Locating Archival Resources (SOAS)

South Asia (British Library)

Empire & Commonwealth Records 

Empire & Commonwealth 


Test Your Knowledge:


Bobby Seagull's South Asian Quiz

How Well Do You Know South Asia?

Travel in South Asia Quiz?

India Culture Quiz

How Well do you Know Pakistan?

Asian elephant


Famous South Asians in the UK

Word Search Answers





Craft Activities:

Mandala art project

Make your own Rhaki 

Mandala Art

Paisley Colouring Pages

India Colouring Pages


Finger knitting

Creating Paper Fish

India Elephant Craft

Peacock Art

Finger Knitting


Opening paper fan

Paper Fan (Tamil language)

Make a Solidarity Flag for Nepal

Make a Maldives Beach

Make a Paper Turtle