Women's History

March is Women’s History Month – this is a nationwide celebration of womankind, from the struggles and achievements of previous generations, to the vital roles of modern women, their ongoing campaign for equality and the contributions they make to world society.

Merton has been shaped by generations of remarkable women, including 18th century socialite and political lobbyist, Georgiana Spencer, social reformer Josephine Butler, temperance campaigner Priscilla Pitt,  suffragette Rose Lamartine Yates, Olympic medal-winner Dorothy Tyler, folk singer Sandy Denny and Prime Minister Theresa May.

To mark this special month, Merton Heritage Service has compiled a new set of women’s history resources, from online displays and archive film, to puzzles, useful websites and children’s resources.

We hope you enjoy looking at the resources. We will be adding more material during the course of the month.


Online Displays:

Click on the links below to access a range of online displays about women's history in Merton and beyond.

Claudia Jones, Editor of West Indian Gazette

Suffragette Rose Lamartine Yates giving a speech

Greasers at Wimbledon Station, WW1

The Suffragettes: Museum of London

The Journey to the Vote

The History of the Vote

Landmarks for UK Women

Black Women in Britain




Suffrage Banners

Origins of the Wimbledon Campaign

Cycling Suffragettes

Holloway Jail

Rose Lamartine Yates


Merton Women in World War 1

Merton Women on Camera


Words and Pictures:

Click on the links below to view a range of films about women's history.

Wimbledon WSPU shop 1909

Women's Suffrage: Origins

Suffragettes & votes for UK women

Suffragists v Suffragettes

Women in World War I



High jumper Dorothy Tyler 1940s

Groundbreaking Women in Science

8 Female Artists from Art History

500 years of Women in Western Art

Celebrating Women in the Olympics

Women's Football Banned


Women's Land Army

Emancipation of Women

Women shaping the 20th century

Women at War

Women after the War

Woman's World


Women war workers at Lines Bros.

Social & Sexual Equality

Women & Access to Birth Control

Women in the Workplace 1950s/60s

Campaign for Equality at Work


Inspirational black British women

Women's History (series of films)

Celebrating Black British Women

Inspirational Black Women

Women of Influence 2020


Me Too campaign

International Women's Day

Global History of Women's Rights

2018: When Women Fought Back




Useful Websites:

Women's Library LSE


East End Women's Museum


Black Women's Movement


British Women's History Timeline

Women's History Archives

The Women's Library (LSE)

Women's History Network

The Feminist Library

Women (Historical Association)


Bishopsgate Institute collection

Women Who Changed the World

Women's suffrage 

British Newspaper Library Blog

Chawton House (Women writers)

East End Women's Museum


Oral History (British Library)

Women's History (Historic England)

Women's History Sources

Hidden Histories: BAME Women

Black Women's Movement

Women of the World (Museum Blog)



Puzzles & Activities:

Mary Seacole


Recuperating suffragette hunger strikers


Votes for Women



Women's History Month Quiz

Famous Women's Firsts Quiz

Ultimate Women's History Quiz



Women's Suffrage Quiz

Women & the Vote Quiz

Women in English History Quiz



Women's Suffrage Heritage Trail 1

Women's Suffrage Heritage Trail 2





Children's Resources:

 Florence Nightingale

Make a suffragette rosette

Cut-out Boudicca 

Great Women from History

Awesome Women in History

CBBC: Suffragettes explained

KS1: the Suffragettes

Women's History ( BBC Resources)



Make a suffragette rosette

Suffragette sash making

Make a suffragette headdress

Women's History: Family Crafts

Female Firsts Quiz (CBBC)

Cut-out & Colour Boudicca

Women's History Colouring Sheets



For more heritage resources, visit our History Pages & Activities section.