Wimbledon County School for Girls: Orchestra, Staff and Pupils

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1942
Area Merton Park
Picture Reference Wim_​33_​1-25
Original Format Photo
Notes / History Despite the Blitz and rationing, life continued much as normal at the Wimbledon County School for Girls during WWII, even with temporary evacuations taking place, during which the girls lived in tents. Clearly, there was still time for a school orchestra.

The school was initially founded in 1905 as a teacher's training centre, but a secondary school naturally grew up around it, which was formally recognised in 1907. Despite this, due to the war and other issues, the Wimbledon County School did not acquire a permanent building until 1924. The school closed in 1969 when Merton reorganised their comprehensive education, and was merged with the Rickards Lodge School

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