Atkinson Morley Hospital , Copse Hill

Atkinson Morley Hospital , Copse Hill

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Area Wimbledon Village
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Notes / History When Mr Atkinson Morley died in 1858 he bequeathed money to several hospitals and also to the setting up the Atkinson Morley Widows’ Fund and the residue was to be invested for 5 years and then used to build and maintain a convalescent hospital associated with St George’s Hospital. At the time St George’s was situated on Hyde Park Corner so the choice of Wimbledon as the location was made because it was rural and far from the noise and smoke which would have made convalescent difficult.

The lodge next to the gate was occupied by the Caretaker and his wife who performed general hospital tasks and also deputised for the cook. Each year the hospital closed for one month and the staff took their annual holiday, however the caretaker and his wife were tasked with the cleaning and redecorations during this month. The lodge and gate were lost when the access road was improved and the hospital lost 12 feet of land from the front of the building.

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