Fair Green, Mitcham: The Modern 'Chippie'.

Fair Green, Mitcham: The Modern 'Chippie'.

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Partial / Incomplete Date August 1989
Area Mitcham
Copyright 1 B. Payne
Picture Reference Mit_​11_​1-61
Original Format Photo
Notes / History One of the more traditional 'fast foods', the fish and chip supper is still a family favourite. Britain's first fried fish shops opened during the 1870's as improved refrigeration made it easier to transport fish inland. Despite its longevity, the local 'chippie' has not been immune to change. For instance, most food is now fried in vegetable oil, rather than beef dipping, or lard - the result of recent health scares and increased nutritional awareness. Many outlets are now run by members of the Chinese and Cypriot communities, who coat the fish in a lighter, healthier batter. Tougher health regulations also require shops to be better ventilated and more hygienic. Even the packaging has changed - many shops now use foam and plastic cartons, rather than the traditional newspaper wrapping.

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