Merton High Street, No. 97: A. J. Harmsworth

Merton High Street, No. 97:  A. J. Harmsworth

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1953
Area Merton
Copyright 1 W.A. Cook
Picture Reference MerMor_​Streets_​MER_​MER_​31-20
Original Format Photo
Notes / History When sweets were finallyn taken off the ration list, shops were cleared of stock almost immediately. However supplies were soon more plentiful. Most sweets were still sold loose from large jars, like those pictured in the shop window. measured quantities were often wrapped in a twist of paper. Ready-wrapped choclate bars were still regarded by many as a luxury for purchase on special occasions. The fine assortment of confectionery pictured, includes those produced locally by Pascalls of Mitcham. This firm was ultimately purchased by Cadburys.

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