Morris & Co. Merton Abbey: Stained Glass Studio

Morris & Co. Merton Abbey: Stained Glass Studio

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Area Merton
Copyright 1 William Morris Gallery, London Borough of Waltham Forest
Stakeholder Image WMG
Picture Reference MerMor_​19_​8-11
Original Format Photo
Notes / History William Morris was able to interpret the design ideas of Edward Burne-Jones. Many of which were based on the rich colours and free-flowing patterns of medieval glass.

The design was drawn on to small sheets, then enlarged photographically to become a working ‘cartoon’. Coloured glass was placed over this and cut to size. The artist then placed pieces on his easel and painted on the detail. This would then be fixed by firing in a kiln, next to the office. The finished design was leaded together, cleaned with linseed oil and bran polish to give a high gloss.

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