Morris & Co. Merton Abbey: Hand Weaving Looms

Morris & Co. Merton Abbey: Hand Weaving Looms

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Area Merton
Copyright 1 William Morris Gallery, London Borough of Waltham Forest
Stakeholder Image WMG
Picture Reference MerMor_​19_​8-9
Original Format Photo
Notes / History Showing hand weaving on Jacquard looms invented by Frenchman, Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1802.

This type of loom became widely used from the 1820s onwards.
A series of punched cards helped to lift the warp threads automatically, making the Jacquard loom faster and more accurate than the traditional hand-loom.

Many of Morris’s woven designs were influenced by 14th century Italian textiles, Middle and Far Eastern patterns, which he studied at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

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