F. Barringer, Tobacconist, Merton High Street

F. Barringer, Tobacconist, Merton High Street

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1902
Area Merton
Picture Reference MerMor_​10_​2-36
Original Format Photo
Notes / History Notice the prominent enamel wall adverts, typical of the period. The posters to the left of the shop are advertising early film shows at the King's Palace on Wimbledon Broadway. Also, if you look closely at the Daily Mirror poster-board, far right, the healine refers to an 'Air-ship (explosion) in Mid Air'. Pioneered by the German military, the airship was one of the earlist forms of passenger aircraft. Unfortunately the gas-filled blimps were vulnerable to fire, as shown by the tragic end of the 'Hinderburg' during the interwar period.

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