Littler's Print Works, Merton Abbey

Littler's Print Works, Merton Abbey

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1894
Area Colliers Wood
Copyright 1 W.A Cook
Picture Reference MerMor_​Industry_​LIB_​LIT_​8-3
Original Format Photo
Notes / History Littler moved to Merton from Waltham Abbey in 1831 and purchased two factories situated next to the Wandle at Merton Abbey. Here he established a thriving business, printing both wool and silk. In 1904, Littler's grandson sold the premises to Arthur Liberty, who demolished these old timber structures and built his printing works on the same site. The Liberty works was extremely successful and rapidly developed an international reputation. The Merton factory finally closed during the late twentieth century but the stylish designs are still sold through the famous Regent Street store.

Tragedy beset the Littler family in later years. Convinced (wrongly) that his fortunes were taking a downturn, Edmund Littler Jnr shot himself in 1909.

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