Turner's Bakery

Turner's Bakery

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1914
Area Mitcham
Picture Reference Mit_​Work_​Industry_​59-2
Original Format Photo
Notes / History At No 33 Upper Green East the property was the copyhold of the manor of Ravensbury. In 1846 it was auctioned as part of the estate of a Mrs Plumer Ward. The Ward family had owned property in Mitcham since beginning of the
17th century. In 1847 it belonged to Thomas Whately and conveyed to Alfred Sims in that year.

John Harwood, a baker, acquired the shop and its bakehouse at the rear in 1855. In June 1879 a license granted to Harwood by Alfred Mortimer, on behalf of the lord of the manor of Ravensbury, to demise and lease his bakehouse to William Turner. As A.W. Turner (Bakers) Ltd the shop front claimed the business was founded in 1792 and remained in the hands of the Turner family until the 1980s. Turners also had two other shops and a horse drawn delivery service, pride of Ken Turner, which lasted until 1973.

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